How Do I Start?

Many people ask this question, but then because they aren't sure, they don't go any further. Well I want to give a few pointers to help YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO...

1) This may seem like the easiest part or the hardest part but: make a list of things you want to do. Then, put them in order of your favorite to least favorite.

2) Many people have a hard time trying to com up with a business name, so don't think too hard on it... it will come.

3) When deciding if you need to get a business license, you should review ALL options and find the one that best fits your goals and what you can handle right now. You can always upgrade later if need be.

4) Don't be afraid to ask questions! Go to your friends, family, social media resources. But do not get discouraged if you don't get the responses you would like to hear. You just learned where NOT to go. Remember how the light-bulb was invented??? He learned "x" amount of ways NOT to make a light-bulb.

5) Remember, this is YOUR adventure and journey... Make it YOURS!!!

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